ServersEight of the largest banks in Malawi choose to run their mission critical applications on servers supplied and supported by us. These banks are major investors in IT and are generally considered to be at the leading edge of technology. The demands placed on their IT infrastructure by the ever increasing sophistication of their product portfolios are huge.

The reliability of their IT infrastructure in many cases determine the success or failure of their businesses. This total reliance on IT neccesitates an IT partner that can be relied on with resources that can be trusted to deliver.

We were chosen as their partner in one of the most critical aspects of their business. The one area where they cannot afford interruptions and where reliability is of the utmost importance.

In order to achieve the required reliability and uptime, they partnered with us.

Shouldn't you?

You have to be one of the best to become an IBM Business Partner. That is why IBM insist that their BP's undergo the strictest certification examinations in the industry.

They also insist that their BP's attend regular training courses and annual certification examinations. That is why 4 of our staff members recently passed all the required exams to remain IBM Business Partner for the System i and System p ranges, IBM's flagship midrange servers.

And to become an IBM Warranty Service Provider is even more difficult.

Afcor has achieved both. We are an IBM Business Partner and the only IBM Warranty Service Provider in Malawi.

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We are an authorised Dell Reseller, both for servers and desktop equipment.

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We are an authorised HP Reseller, both for servers and desktop equipment, and we are an HP Premier Partner for their range of Procurve Networking products.

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We are the only Lenovo Business Partner and Warranty Service Provider in Malawi, both for servers and desktop equipment.

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